Log operations and collect statistics

Extensive possibilities for message routing

The routing rules of MMS/SMS/USSD can be changed by the platform’s administrator and also edited by the monitoring system, tracing duplicate components. Both GSM and CDMA subscribers’ messages can be routed.

Process service control

SC.CPA brings online data gathering and events registration to a new level. The system monitors and prevents unauthorized bulk messaging from partners.

options of methods of the distribution of income

between a mno and a content provider:

Fixed scheme of income distribution

Differentiated scheme of income distribution at the level of a short number or a group of numbers

Differentiated scheme of income distribution at the level of a content provider

Scheme of income distribution for premium projects

billing possibilities

The platform's billing possibilities simplify the process of receiving content or service for the subscriber. Prevent deducting from subscriber’s account with negative balance.

The platform supports all common billing scenarios which allows content providers to choose the most appropriate tariff for the promotion of services.

Billing options: a one-time payment and a subscriber fee.

Supported tariff types:

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