content provider / mobile content

Flexible system for managing the interaction between operators and mobile users



  • Administrative web interface
  • Interaction with prepaid and postpaid billing systems for tariffing VAS services
  • Black and white lists to allow/deny subscribers’ access to services
  • Support different methods of order and delivery of content
  • Routing and filtering messages between operator’s systems

log operations
and collect statistics

Extensive possibilities for message routing

The routing rules of MMS/SMS/USSD can be changed by the platform’s administrator and also edited by the monitoring system, tracing duplicate components. Both GSM and CDMA subscribers’ messages can be routed.

Process service control

We bring online data gathering and events registration to a new level. The system monitors and prevents unauthorized bulk messaging from partners.

Options of methods of the distribution of income between a Gateway ( Carrier) and a content provider:
  • 1Fixed scheme of income distribution
  • 2Differentiated scheme of income distribution at the level of a short number or a group of numbers
  • 3Differentiated scheme of income distribution at the level of a content provider
  • 4Scheme of income distribution for premium projects

1-click conversion flow

  • User clicks the button on LPa
  • Accepting terms
  • Subscription and getting access via SMS

pin submit conversion flow

  • User fills number in
    “MSISDN Entry”
  • User receives SMS
    with his PIN
  • User enter his pin
  • User is subscribed and
    receives access to content


  • User choose his operator via “MSISDN Choose”

    SMS app opens automatically with alredy filled short number

  • User sends “Keyword” (For ex. - YES)

    And then receives SMS
    with confirmation of subscription

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